Colorado Springs Portrait Photography

What kind of portrait sessions do you offer?
I specialize in creative portraits with excellent lighting. I offer a variety of sessions to suit each of our client’s needs.

Family – typically a combination of posed shots and lifestyle portraits of you interacting with each other – families with small children will focus on mostly lifestyle shots
HS Seniors – a fun portrait session with the goal being to capture the style and interests of each individual high school senior. Year book submission is always included with this session.
Maternity – can be done with mommy-to-be alone, as a couple or family, shot on location or in the home depending on the desired look  (33-36 weeks is the best time for maximum baby belly exposure with minimum risk of baby coming before the portrait session)
Pets – lifestyle sessions shot in the home or other environment where the pet will be comfortable and free to roam
Headshots – available for business, actors, models, etc.
Engagement – The engagement session gives us a chance to get to know you as a couple away from the business of your wedding day.  We often tell our clients that shooting an engagement session with us is kind of like a double date:-)
Bridal – a portrait session of a couple/bride in their wedding day attire either before or after their wedding day.

How do we choose a location?
The location is entirely up to you!  The most important thing to keep in mind is that we want you to be a big part of the process!  We want you to have a great experience and end up with photos that reflect who you are and tell your story.  I can make lots of suggestions based on areas where I like to shoot, but our ultimate goal is to come up with a place that fits you!

What should we wear?
Wear something that reflects your personality and style!  Identical/matching clothes aren’t necessary,

For family sessions, I do not require that you wear matching clothing, in fact I prefer family clothing palettes that are coordinated but consist of different colors. I suggest that this palette consist of several neutral tones (black, white, brown or gray) and one or two brighter colors (red, green, blue, orange, etc.)  I have created a pinterest board dedicated to portrait session clothing ideas. www.pinterest.com/sonlightphoto/tips-for-a-successful-portrait-session/

My only real preference is that you avoid tops that have a really strong pattern that would draw a lot of attention away from your face.  Your clothing choice is entirely up to you, but I recommend that no matter what you choose it should to be something you’d be ok sitting on the ground in for a short period of time.

Can we include our pet in our portrait session?
Yes!  I am open to including pets during portrait sessions, but as they are a bit unpredictable we ask that a family member or friend that will not be included in the photos come along to help look after them.  I suggest that we include the pet during the first 15 minutes to half an hour of the session and then the family member or friend can keep watch over them so we can spend the rest of the time focused on the main subjects without any distractions.

When will I get to see my photos?
Within a few days after your session, I’ll post a preview of your photos on the blog or Facebook.  I encourage you to forward the link to family and friends and share your images with others.  For portrait session, the rest of the photos will be edited within 5 to 10 business days and put into an online gallery where you can download your digital files and purchase prints and other items. For wedding photography services, the final images will be provided on a USB drive 3-6 weeks after the wedding.